Thursday, 9th February 35th Lorne Cancer Conference 2023

2:00PM - 2:15PM
Thursday, 9th February
Lecture Hall
4:00PM - 4:40PM
Thursday, 9th February
Sponsored by:
6:45PM - 8:45PM
Thursday, 9th February

Includes flash talk presentations. 

Bibek Bhatta
Oncogenic mutant p53 proteins are selectively shuttled by cancer extracellular vesicles to educate the tumor microenvironment abs# 8

Kerstin Brinkmann
Determining the essential functions of distinct pro-survival BCL-2 family members by using gene-swap mice abs# 9

Michaelia Cockshell
Desmoglein-2, an unsuspected regulator of tumour vasculature and immune response in melanoma abs# 10

Miriam Fuentes-Guirado
Restoring Immune Control of Bone-Metastatic Breast Cancer with Type I Interferon Modulators abs# 11

Jackson A McDonald
Identifying novel vulnerabilities to sensitise Lkb1-mutant lung adenocarcinoma to T cell mediated killing abs# 12

Benjamin J McLean
Investigation of novel therapeutic targets in pancreatic cancer-associated fibrosis abs# 13

Stephen Mieruszynski
Targeting the minor spliceosome as a therapeutically viable target for a broad spectrum of cancers abs# 14

Yolande O'Donnell
Dissecting the pleiotropic roles of subcellular c-Jun NH-Terminal Kinase in mammary development and breast cancer progression abs# 15